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About Muge

Ever since I can remember, cooking has been something I enjoyed to do. Not only is it fun and relaxing for me, but also a way to create and share great memories with my family and friends.

As a little girl, I would always play house, preparing extravagant tea parties for my dolls, from the table setting to finger foods that I used to prepare from just bread. This interest in cooking and throwing parties was bestowed upon me by my mother. I was raised by a prominent diplomat and his wife (my parents), who had lavish parties and prepared gourmet foods to not only family and friends but also to dignitaries around the world.

As a young teenager, my mother made sure she taught me the basics of cooking and table setting techniques, royalty style. If I wasn’t helping her prep or bake food, I was helping to set the table for guests, until I mastered my mother’s style of cooking and decorating, which was nothing short of elegant. Later in college, I continued by preparing food for my friends. I became well-known for my cooking around campus, specifically for my veggie omelets that I prepared during exam study sessions.

Although a native of New York, my background is Turkish. While it may seem that my passion was for food, I did not follow a career in culinary studies. Following my graduation from George Mason University, where I earned a BA Degree in International Relations, I organized and operated my own tourism company.

I won numerous awards, including "Outstanding Fundraiser" from Best Buddies, "Outstanding Achievement Award and "Outstanding Service" in the Diplomatic Community from the American Turkish Council, and have been featured on CNN, and written about in the "Washington Post", as well as the "Travel Agent" magazine.
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