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About Muge

I was also nominated as "Business Woman of the Year, 2000" by the "Leukemia Foundation". In 2003, I changed careers and became a senior level executive for a government contracting firm in Washington, DC, responsible for business development, in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

I reside in Northern Virginia, with my wonderful husband and five beautiful children comprised of a singleton and two sets of twins. Yes, I work full time, am a busy mom and still have time to make delicious meals and throw a great party.

For many years, I have explored venues to introduce Turkish cooking in the United States. It has been noted for years that Turkish cuisine is ranked as one of the top three cuisines of the world along with French and Chinese, but doesn’t always receive the appraise that it should. Many of you, I'm sure, have indulged in this lovely food at Turkish restaurants in your town or during your travel to Turkey.

I believe that the time has come to introduce Turkish cuisine to everyone. My aim is to show our audience new and creative meals to prepare for your family and friends using fresh ingredients that are easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Your family and friends are going to be blown away by these recipes.

Enjoy and Happy cooking!!!