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Cooking Tips
Here are some of my simple cooking tips for a great meal everytime.

  • Better the ingredients, better the results. 

  • Oil – Very important to use good oil, whether for cooking or butter or margarines.  Bad oil can cause upset stomach and other digestive problems.

  • Olive Oil should be virgin or pure.  Use Extra virgin for salads and uncooked recipes.

  • Oven – make sure to preheat your oven

  • Herbs and Spices- try to use fresh herbs when possible. 

  • Eggs should always be large

  • Black pepper should be freshly ground

  • Lemon juice should be freshly squeezed

  • Butter should be unsalted

  • For a great tasting pizza dough, mix your base flour with pastry flour. ( I use equal parts white unbleached flour with pastry flour)