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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the viewers who have taken the time to send me their comments on the show. I am so appreciative of your lovely words and in preparation to present you with Season 2 in August 2012. This time the program’s theme is Travel, Cooking and Culture. I will present the beautiful sights, sounds and tastes of Turkey. Please keep on sending me your comments and questions. Happy Cooking!!!
  1. Feriza from Miami, FL writes - Please visit Turkey on a show. I think it would be nice. I watch you all the time here in Miami.
  2. Henry from Detroit, MI writes - Today was the first time I watched your show. Looks like a fun program.
  3. Bill from Houston, TX writes - Love your show! Very fun and down to earth!
  4. Martha from Maine writes - Amazing! she nearly always has at least one delicious dessert per episode. And it’s almost always decadently sinful and involves her creative Turkish flaire.
  5. Oscar from Winston Salem, NC writes - Watch your show and others every weds morning. Your food is very down to earth home made. We like it.
  6. Luanne from Wichita, Kansas writes - We love your show!!!! Keep it up!Luv.
  7. Gaile from New Jersey writes - Your cooking is quite superior then that of the other cooking shows on PBS!Nice!
  8. Gloria from New Jersey writes - I love all the cooking shows on PBS here in NJ. but I also find that I have had great success with many recipes from your show. Thank you for being such a great teacher!
  9. Isabelle from New Jersey writes - Really like Feast Delight at Home for her sheer funkiness. All the rest are a bore. Keep up the good work, its a pleasure watching your show on Saturdays.
  10. Hermon from Austin, TX writes - My husband and I watched your show today for the first time. for the love of Julia Child, she would be proud. Good Luck to you!
  11. Ginger from Kansas City, MO writes - Perfect! you seem to have so much fun... and a decent love for food too!
  12. Terry and Summer from Virginia writes - This show was just on in Virginia. Can you come to my restaurant and film? I will cover food for you and the crew no problem.
  13. Weber from New Jersey writes - We watch you in New Jersey on PBS. Great show!!!marvelous!
  14. Claire from Oklahoma City writes -Hi Chef! We live in Oklahoma City and catch your show every Thurs morning. It’s good to see this culture of food coming out. We love it!
  15. Beth from California writes -Wonderful show. I just finished seeing an episode at 1pm here in California. All the best.
  16. Laika from Chicago, IL writes - Wow. Nice show here in Chicago. My husband is Turkish so this show really hit home. Good luck!
  17. Payner in New York writes - Love your show on PBS. Great recipes! I look forward of seeing more of them!
  18. PH from New Jersey writes - I'm from Turkey. Nice show on PBS. Your very fortunate. Bless you!
  19. Jenna from Detroit, MI writes - The Chef really shares some great tips and does cook pretty good meals in 30 minutes using minimal "prepared" products. I live in Detroit and watched the show yesterday for the first.
  20. Karen from Detroit, MI writes - I think this beats the heckout of what they have on PBS right now. Good to see the show came out great.
  21. Kris from Lockhart, TX writes - I would love a cookbook of all your recipes. Just finding you show on PBS....I am loving your recipes. With a family of some food allergies to severe food allergies....whole foods are a must. Your recipes are a great fit. They are like home...but with a slight twist!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much.
  22. Martha from Maine writes - Amazing! she nearly always has at least one delicious dessert per episode. And it’s almost always decadently sinful and involves her creative Turkish flaire Martha.
  23. Billy from Houston, Texas writes - Love your show! Very fun and down to earth!
  24. Helen from Houston, Texas writes - Started watching the show on PBS. Very nice program and quite educational. I never cooked this kind of food before. Eager to learn I will continue to watch. Thank you and good holidays.
  25. Kathy from Miami, Florida writes - I'm enjoying reruns of this show Feast Delights. I can’t wait for new shows to emerge. The host is very considerate and encouraging as she provides assistance in bringing the dishes together. I'm impressed with the things she's done thus far and feel certain that we'll see more of this talented chef in the years to come.
  26. Loretta from Chicago, IL writes - Good Day, Just caught the tail end of the episode that just aired. This show scores very high on the education factor - lots of practical, real-world information on food and family recipes, with recipes I can replicate.
  27. Stephanie from NY writes - I really like your show more and more. Seems like there are some repeats but I don't mind watching them again. My sister in law cooks just like you. Too bad I have to wait until Christmas to try her food. Happy New Year!
  28. Robert from Hartford, CT writes - We all know that 90% of restaurants don't make their own desserts; specialty houses prepare them and deliver the products every day. I would love to taste your food at a restaurant some day. You seem like you really know how to cook great food. love your show!!!
  29. Marty from Westslope,Colorado writes - Hi Chef! I live in Colorado and just noticed this show. I love it! All the best luck with you and I look forward to seeing you again on the small screen....lol.
  30. Helen from Lawthin ,Maine writes - I am a regular viewer of your program…and I like it very much…the title music is a superb one, I am a vegetarian and (tried most of the veg recipes in the program).
  31. Linda writes - I saw your show for the first time 01/14/12, & really enjoyed it.
  32. Karin from Lode, NJ writes - ust a quick e-mail to say a sincere thank you for the wonderful gourmet experience on last nights show. I love cooking Turkish food and will continue to watch your show on PBS.
  33. Leyla from Maryland writes - Muge Hanim, Congratulations! Watched you today for the first time and enjoyed it. I am also letting many Turkish friends know about your show. It was time for a Turkish food show. Keep it up!
  34. Jennifer from Boston, MA writes - This show aired today at 11am. This could be my new best show to watch. Thanks for the meat tip!
  35. Marianne from Miami, FL writes - Hi, Miuge your show is fantastic. I'm from Greece. Best of luck to you!
  36. Harold from Miami, FL writes - I have made several of your recipes (all delicious) and the host is constantly providing helpful tips throughout the show. Really good program!
  37. Larissa from El Paso, Texas writes - Dynamite show! I luve it. All the best to future episodes. God Bless.
  38. Chad from Verini, Alabama writes - I’m requesting that my PBS station put your show on 5 days a week. It beats out the rest of the cooking shows. At least you really cook. Compliments to the host.
  39. Peter from Atlanta, Georgia writes - This show airs a few times a week on my PBS station here in Atlanta. Wanted to give some feedback. It should be on 7 days a week!.....lol I'm enjoying learning Turkish style cooking. It's been a fantasy of mine to travel there one day. Best of continued success.
  40. Liana from Columbus, Ohio writes - Your chicken dish was amazing. OUT OF CONTROL. AMAZING!!!! Everyone at my party complemented me on these. EVERYONE!!!! ps: Love your PBS show.
  41. Darren from New Haven, CT writes - I find your show very refreshing. I say that in a clean way. Simple recipes easy to prepare.
  42. Corrine from Indianapolis writes - Wow, looks sooooo good! Amazing Chef Muge!ï We discovered the show on TV. We now live in Indiana just outside the skirts. I wish I had instructors like you at my training. Again, love your speed Chef. Thanks!
  43. Edna from Texas writes - I love your cooking. Low sodium, low fat and yummy!
    I am looking at ground turkey in a new light. I did add a small can of tomato paste and additional seasoning (no sodium) to taste as suggested. This was easy to make and serve over noodles of choice. I'm going to try over a baked potato next time.
  44. Yeng Sison from Harlen, Maine writes - I always said there should be a Turkish cooking show. Finally!! Nice Job.
  46. Helen from Florida writes - Love your show!!!
  47. Morris from Rockhall, MD writes - Love the Feast Delight TV show. Is there a cook book by Muge Karsli? If there is, I would be interested!
  48. Teresa from Albany, NY writes - Incredible show. I get your show on channel 378 in New York. Please add me to your mailing list!
  49. Kathleen from Montgomery Village, Maryland writes - Enjoyed the show. I plan to make the Ottoman Rice dish and add it to our Easter dinner.
  50. Bella from Louisiana writes - I watch your show now for about a year. I have learned soooooo much. I'm not a prof chef at all. Just someone who likes food. Would like to see more new shows. My PBS station says the show finishes showing after June 30th. Anyway you have a real fan here.
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